Bryce Wylde's Weight Loss Plan: Lose Pounds Drinking Tea

Hello there! After a bit of a hiatus the Herbal Infusions blog is back! This week we're pleased to announce that our tea was featured on the Dr. Oz Show. We were very pleased to see that Wylde and Dr. Oz agree with us on the power of tea; it is a fantastic tool for weight loss.

Bryce Wylde, alternative health expert and host of Wylde on Health appeared on the Dr. Oz Show to talk about several teas he felt were particularly effective for those looking to slim down. What was especially interesting was his take on when to drink tea. He feels that drinking teas at particular times of the day can improve the effectiveness of those teas. Go ahead and watch the above link to learn more.

On the blog, we'd like to go more in-depth on the teas Bryce Wylde selected for the show. Each of them is excellent for weight loss. With a selection to choose from, however, it can be hard to find the right tea for you. We'll go tea-by-tea and hopefully give you the information you need to make a choice on which tea (or teas) is right for you.

Pu-Erh Tea is the first in the weight-loss lineup that Wylde talked about. Pu-Erh Tea is a delicacy in China. It is regarded with the same regional and quality standards that are given to high-quality wines. Pu-Erh tea shares further similarities with wine in that it is fermented and aged to give it a very unique taste. The flavour is very complex; an earthy base with overtones ranging from plum to chocolate, depending on how it's prepared. Wylde finds Pu'Erh Teaparticularly interesting because of its power to shrink fat cells. The effect comes from a unique chemical combination within the tea including gallic acid. In addition, something Wylde did not mention is that Pu-Erh tea is rich in vitamin C. Wylde recommends drinking one or two (preferably two) cups of Pu-Erh Tea in the morning before you start your day. 

Second up is White Tea. White Tea is another Chinese delicacy for different reasons. Only the youngest and most tender leaf tips and buds are picked for White Tea. In White Tea, the picked leaves are spread out and withered, a drying process that begins enzymatic fermentation. White tea is rich in vitamin A, and traditional Chinese medicine believes it to have many more benefits including the ability to regulate insulin secretion. Wylde chose White Tea because of its ability to prevent fat cells from forming. White tea diminishes your body's ability to store fat, and for fat cells to grow larger as a result. They are rich in EGCG's which helps to metabolize fat as well. Again, Wylde recommends 2 cups with lunch. Peony and Silver Needle are more traditional, while Wild Blueberry adds a tart fruity flavour to the tea.

In the afternoon, Wylde recommends Chickweed Tea. Until recently,  across Europe chickweed was seen as nothing more than that - a weed. Chickweed solves a common problem in the afternoon though: bloating. Chickweed is a mild diuretic containing potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamin C and calcium. Diuretics help to clear excess water and fats from your system. Chickweed is also a mild laxative as well. Only one cup of this tea in the afternoon. Drinking more that two or three cups in a day can overdo the diuretic effect of the tea and dehydrate you as a result.

Finally, Bilberry Tea is recommended with dinner. Bilberry is a rarer and lesser known berry in the same genus as blueberries and cranberries. Smaller and tarter than its cousins, bilberries lend tea a very sharp and fruity taste when steeped. Bilberry Tea is an antioxidant, which we have talked about on the blog before. It is a very sweet tea that has blood-sugar balancing effects, which can help cut cravings. Bilberry tea is rich in tannins though, which we have also talked about on the blog before. Too many tannins are bad for you, so only one cup of this with dinner. At Herbal Infusions, we carry an equivalent to Bilberry Tea, Herbal Infusions, which has the added health benefits of many botanicals

Hopefully this information will help you choose what teas are right for you. The best thing to do though would be to follow Wylde's recommended plan, and do your best to have all four teas in their recommended dose every day. Bryce Wylde is a leader in alternative health medicine. It was wonderful to have him come into the store and purchase some of our teas for the show. Come on down and find out what he came for!

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