What Is Chocolate Tea?

One of the most popular teas that we have blended at our shop is also a lesson in cultural traditions, ethical trading and being socially responsible.

The story of Chocolate Tea is one that is personal to me. My mother is from the Caribbean, and I recall growing up and enjoying a cup of steeped chocolate tea on cold mornings here in Toronto. My mom would place a handful of the shells on the stovetop that she would receive from her fathers cacao fields back home and bring them to a simmer with a dash of sugar and milk. It was one of the most satisfying hot beverages I have ever had that was actually good for me too!

Fast forward a bunch of years and I had the pleasure of bumping into a local chocolate company at a farmers market. They had the most amazing dark, raw chocolates I have ever tasted. And the best part? They worked directly with the farmers that they purchased their commodities from in Mexico. This included cacao beans, vanilla beans, cinnamon, coffee, and locally crafted artifacts. I soon found myself heading to their kitchen and started collecting their roasted shells and blending them with other herbs that they provided me with along with locally sourced herbs. The result? A collection of herbal chocolate tea that instantly took me back to my childhood memories. 


Introducing herbal chocolate tea

We've been extremely happy to bring our line of herbal cacao tea to our customers and have recently extended that to our online shop as well. Here is some interesting nutritional information about our chocolate tea:

  • Chocolate tea is calorie and guilt free
  • Chocolate tea contains Theobromine which has been shown to help with focus and concentration
  • Chocolate tea is an antioxidant powerhouse
  • Chocolate tea is high in vitamins and minerals while containing virtually zero caffeine (the caffeine is found in the bean not the shells)
  • Dan has masterly blended three flavours of chocolate tea: Cacao, Cacao Mint, and Vanilla Bean Cacao

If you live in the Toronto area you can pick up our chocolate tea in a variety of food co-operatives and retail specialty shops around the city. On the other hand, if you live outside the city never fear as you can purchase our line of chocolate tea through our online tea shop.


Have you already bought our chocolate tea? Do you have any tea recipes using our chocolate tea that turned out amazing? If so please leave us a comment and let us know! 

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Hi There,
I’d love to know where I can buy Teaobroma Cacao Tea. Been looking online – but can’t seem to find retailers.

Please let me know?


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