Coming 2017: An Insiders Webinar on Creating a Killer Tea Business

Launching 2017: A Tea Industry FIRST

An Insiders Course on Building a Killer Tea Business

Ever thought about starting your very own tea business? Either online or a traditional brick and mortar store? Feeling overwhelmed with where to start?

I don't know about you, but I've been there and done that. And I'm excited to announce a very first of it's kind anywhere. For the first time ever, I'm spilling the beans on the tea industry and how to successfully launch your own tea store. 

My experience spans from starting an online shop in 2006, to navigating the design and build out of a one of a kind tea loft in the heart of downtown Toronto (2010) to running tea blending workshops, cocktail workshops, and eventually opening a warehouse space (2014). Along the way I've learned some tough (and sometimes costly) lessons, and I'm taking the gloves off to shed light on the industry and help you to avoid the pitfalls that can ultimately cost you a lot of money and heartache.

Shortly I will be launching a LIVE interactive full online tea industry course. The modules will cover topics such as:

  • The basics of teas and tisanes: learn about the different types and the importance of choosing a variety that caters to your audience
  • The importance of cross promoting: how and where to source tea accessories from. You won't find these lists posted anywhere, I guarantee it.
  • Online promotions and the power of social media: From paid advertising to organic growth we'll cover a very vital component to growing your business online and how to set yourself apart from the crowd
  • Multi-channels and making the sale: from retail customers, to online and wholesale. How to tackle the sale and gain repeat customers
  • Tea blending 101: The hidden secrets of the tea industry. How to make ANY tea flavour you can imagine, and why this is your biggest ally for setting yourself apart from your competition. I've had hundreds of inquiries over the years on this subject alone. I'll spend an entire module going through replicating and creating amazing custom blended teas.
  • My top choices for tea suppliers. Even tea blenders have suppliers. You won't find this list anywhere online and I share years of digging to save you time and money sourcing the best products
  • Designing a tea shop: From finding a location to tips and design tricks to help maximize your retail traffic. This is probably the most expensive lesson that I've learned over the years, and tapping into my experience consulting other tea shop and cafe owners you too can find out how to save money and increase your tea ticket sales.
  • Accounting/CRM/Loyalty Systems: I'll dive into the various platforms and tools you can use to help track inventory, ship, and retain customers.
  • Packaging & Design: Don't have your brand figured out yet? You'll want to check out the valuable information I've curated and collected over the years that helped get my tea valuable retail space at some of the best stores in the city.
  • Save thousands with valuable discounts and promotions for webinar members that I've been able to negotiate with suppliers.
  • And many other topics!

Interested in learning more? Don't hesitate. Be the first to find out about this once in a lifetime course. I'll be launching it this year and you'll be among the very first to know about it. Get a jump on your competition and be light years ahead!

Simply sign up below and I'll put you on my list. You'll be notified when we're ready to go live with the course

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