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Coming 2017: An Insiders Webinar on Creating a Killer Tea Business

Launching 2017: A Tea Industry FIRST An Insiders Course on Building a Killer Tea Business Ever thought about starting your very own tea business? Either online or a traditional brick and mortar store? Feeling overwhelmed with where to start? I don't know about you, but I've been there and done that. And I'm excited to announce a very first of it's kind anywhere. For the first time ever, I'm spilling the beans on the tea industry and how to successfully launch your own tea store.  My experience spans from starting an online shop in 2006, to navigating the design and build out of a one of a kind tea loft in the heart of downtown Toronto (2010) to running tea blending workshops,...

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12 BS Facts About Tea Everyone Thinks Are True

We're here to clear up the muddy waters surrounding the second most consumed liquid in the world (no, alcohol is not #1). BS Tea Fact #1 Orange Pekoe tastes like oranges. Duh. Orange Pekoe believe it or not is a scale on a tea grading system, and not a flavour. The bright folks who started selling tea in presealed tea bags thought it would be kind of funny to mess with our age old system. Real fact: the stuff in tea bags is actually called 'fannings' or 'dust'. Not so appealing now is it? BS Tea Fact #2 The Boston Tea Party was a real party. Contrary to what your history prof might say, the Boston Tea Party was never...

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Tea by the Numbers

6.87 kgs The average number of kilograms of tea that each person from Turkey consumes annually.  1.42 Million The number of pounds that Americans consume of tea each day 200 The average amount of cups a single pound of tea can make 96% The percentage of tea that is drunk in the UK that is brewed in tea bags 12 The number of years after a tea plant sprouts before you can start harvesting tea leaves. The number of years it takes for a tea plant to start producing seeds 3 The number of years after a tea plant sprouts before you can start harvesting tea leaves. 15 days The length of time it takes for a tea leaf to grow...

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Goldfish Teabags Will Turn Your Cup into An Aquarium

A Taiwanese company has developed a line of tea bags that resemble goldfish. You can fill them with your choice of loose leaf tea and watch as they take on their own personalities. This would be fun for parents and kids to create their own school of tea guppies. We're already thinking rooibos & chrysanthemum should equal your own drinkable Nemo. What would you create? Share with us below your tea fish ideas! More info can be found on Charmvilla's website

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Understanding Consent Through Stick Figures and Tea

The guys over at Blue Seat Studios came up with a very clear analogy of what sexual consent looks like with the use of a cup of tea. This hilarious but sobering look at a very real issue will change the way you look at your morning cup of green tea.  Tea and Consent (Clean) from Blue Seat Studios on Vimeo.  

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