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What Is Chocolate Tea?

One of the most popular teas that we have blended at our shop is also a lesson in cultural traditions, ethical trading and being socially responsible. The story of Chocolate Tea is one that is personal to me. My mother is from the Caribbean, and I recall growing up and enjoying a cup of steeped chocolate tea on cold mornings here in Toronto. My mom would place a handful of the shells on the stovetop that she would receive from her fathers cacao fields back home and bring them to a simmer with a dash of sugar and milk. It was one of the most satisfying hot beverages I have ever had that was actually good for me too! Fast...

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All About Rooibos Tea

It's all the rage these days and is being used to treat ailments and also for helping tea drinkers everywhere kick the caffeine habit. We're talking about Rooibos Tea. Over the years our customers have asked about this exotic Herbal Infusions and we thought we would compile a bit of Rooibos 101 right here to help you understand the plant a little more. Rooibos tea (Aspalatus Linearis) is grown in the Cederberg region of South Africa, about 250km north of Cape Town. The locals would steep the fine, needle like leavs of the bush and realized it made a very satisfying tisane. Today the tea is exported to over 140 countries worldwide and is used in many applications including teas,...

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Fertility, Conception, and Pregnancy - Teas and Herbs to Avoid.

Update: It appears we are having a lot of visitors to this blog that are looking for our Organic Ginger Root tea. If you would like to purchase some please visit the link provided. If you are pregnant please read the below and consult a doctor before consuming any of the herbs and roots we have outlined below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will be honest... I have avoided writing this particular blog entry for a number of reasons - mainly because I am not a doctor and I don't want anything I write taken as medical advice... With the number of emails I have received over the past few months about tea and fertility and tea and pregnancy however, I thought I...

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How To Make A London Fog Tea Latte at Home- For Less

A couple years ago I had written a blog post that, to my surprise, became one of our most visited posts of all time. I am not sure if it’s because people wanted to ‘unlock the secrets’ of a london fog latte, or that they were just getting fed up with the high priced, artificial drinks being passed off as real tea lattes.  Whatever the reason, since then I have personally done hundreds of these extremely popular drinks at our tea shop here in Toronto and thought I would share a few of my methods of preparing this tea latte. Keep in mind that everyone may prepare them a little differently, but this is my preference and it seems that...

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