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Eco Friendly Glass Tea Steeper
Eco Friendly Glass Tea Steeper

Eco Friendly Glass Tea Steeper

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Product Description

Introducing our eco-friendly and super chic glass tea steepers with natural cork tops. The are made using precision engraved slots along the sides that allow hot water in, and prevents tea leaves from escaping. 

These tea steeprs can easily be cleaned and we highly recommend hand washing them as they are not dishwasher safe

About Glass Tea Steepers

A great way to visual watch your tea leaves unfurl while being kind to the environment! Our glass tea steepers are a great conversation piece and functional.

  • All natural cork top
  • Makes preparing and serving loose teas much easier than traditional tea infusers
  • Eco-friendly alternative to tea filters
  • Precision cut slots allow optimal steeping while preventing tea leaves from escaping
  • Perfect for individual cups of tea or mugs
  • Includes (1) glass steeper and premium natural cork stopper


  • Hand wash with warm water. Avoid exposing the cork stopper to water as it can reduce the longevity of the top (it's natural cork). We've found old wine corks can act as great replacements though