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dried Ginger root tea

Ginger Root Tea


Organic Ginger Root Tea

There are many health benefits that have been linked throughout history to this ancient root. Many cultures refer to it as the spice of the heavens and this could be due to its aromatic, sharp and pungent characteristic. Ginger root can be steeped and consumed to help ward off colds, to calm an upset stomach, and to aid in detoxifying the body.

Why consume dried Ginger

Dried ginger is ginger root in its most concentrated form. The majority of fresh ginger root is made up of water, and when it is added to water to create a tea many roots must be cut in order to come close to the potency of dried ginger root. Our ginger root is certified organic and of the highest potency and quality.

A note of caution about ginger root

Ginger can suppress menstruation and has been used for menstrual irregularities. While ginger is great for you normally, it should be avoided in large amounts when pregnant. Research has shown that ginger is a powerful thromboxane synthetase inhibitor. (English translation: It can potentially effect testosterone binding in the fetus). Another translation: it can cause abortions in higher doses. Please consult your ND or health care expert if you are pregnant or suspect you are pregnant before consuming ginger, especially dried ginger root.