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Kenilworth OP

Kenilworth Estate OP


Kenilworth Tea: A Single Origin Black Tea

One of the most famous tea gardens in Sri Lanka produces this luxurious, well balanced and full bodied black tea. High up on Ceylon's Western slopes at an elevation of 4,000 ft, the tea bush is able to develop slowly, allowing the leaves to reach their fullest potential. The combination of soil conditions, elevation, and process facility (utilizing traditional rolling tables) gives this tea a remarkable complexity with a smooth and mellow texture, with a lasting earthy, floral finish. 

It has been a favourite black tea with us for years, and we are excited to share this years crop with our fellow tea lovers.

Brewing Instructions: Ceylon orange pekoe black tea is prepared like other medium to full bodied black teas, using boiling water and steeping for 2-5 minutes. Use 1 tsp loose leaf tea per 6-8 oz of water. 

 Red Rose Tea

Did you know that orange pekoe tea isn't just a Red Rose or Lipton brand of tea? It actually refers to the grade of the tea leaf. In the case of our Kenilworth Orange Pekoe we are sourcing the very best quality leaf for your cup.