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Midnight Jasmine

Midnight Jasmine


An Ancient Floral Jasmine Tea to Fall in Love With

We use one of the top grades of Chinese green tea from the Fujian region that has been hand-picked and then layered with pure jasmine petals that have been plucked at their peak fragrance. The peak fragrance of jasmine tea petals occur during the evening- and often right around midnight. The resulting scent is overwhelming and pairs incredibly well with this floral and sweet tea.

Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

The reality is yes, green tea has caffeine. Typically though it has less caffeine than black tea, although the caffeine content depends greatly on the quality and type of green tea vs black tea. A simple method that helps to eliminate the caffeine from green tea is to flush the leaves in hot water for 20 seconds or so, as this will also remove a good portion of the caffeine in green tea.

Caffeine content: medium

Ingredients: Premium Chinese green tea, and fragrant jasmine petals