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Vanilla Cacao Tea
Vanilla Cacao Tea

Vanilla Cacao Tea


An exotic and spicy blend of ancient Mexican vanilla, forest garden cinnamon, spices using a base of authentic Mayan cacao shells - truly medicine for your soul.

Experience the rich, velvety aroma and taste of premium dark chocolate without the calories, caffeine, or fat!  Cacao tea (aka Chocolate Tea) contains hundreds of natural compounds including theobromine (aids in focus and concentration) and antioxidants. 


About Cacao Tea:

  • Calorie and guilt free
  • An antioxidant powerhouse
  • Full of vitamins and minerals
  • Great for hydration and satisfying your chocolate craving!

Herbal Chocolate Tea is a new spin on an ancient beverage. The Mayans once used the shells of the cacao bean to make a nourishing herbal chocolate tea elixir. We've recreated their ancient knowledge of this powerful herbal cacao elixir in our fairly traded and organically grown herbal chocolate tea.