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Wholesale Tea in Toronto

 We've Been a Tea Wholesale Supplier Since 2006.

Launching 2017: A Tea Industry FIRST

An Insiders Course on Launching a Killer Tea Company

Ever thought about starting your very own tea shop? Either online or a traditional brick and mortar store? Feeling overwhelmed with where to start?

I don't know about you, but I've been there and done that. And I'm excited to announce a very first of it's kind anywhere. For the first time ever, I'm spilling the beans on the tea industry and how to successfully launch your own tea store. 

My experience spans from starting an online shop in 2006, to navigating the design and build out of a one of a kind tea loft in the heart of downtown Toronto (2010) to running tea blending workshops, cocktail workshops, and eventually opening a warehouse space (2014). Along the way I've learned some tough (and sometimes costly) lessons, and I'm taking the gloves off to shed light on the industry and help you to avoid the pitfalls that can ultimately cost you a lot of money and heartache.

Later this year I will be launching a LIVE interactive full online tea industry course. The modules will cover topics such as:

  • The basics of teas and tisanes: learn about the different types and the importance of choosing a variety that caters to your audience
  • The importance of cross promoting: how and where to source tea accessories from. You won't find these lists posted anywhere, I guarantee it.
  • Online promotions and the power of social media: From paid advertising to organic growth we'll cover a very vital component to growing your business online and how to set yourself apart from the crowd
  • Multi-channels and making the sale: from retail customers, to online and wholesale. How to tackle the sale and gain repeat customers
  • Tea blending 101: The hidden secrets of the tea industry. How to make ANY tea flavour you can imagine, and why this is your biggest ally for setting yourself apart from your competition. I've had hundreds of inquiries over the years on this subject alone. I'll spend an entire module going through replicating and creating amazing custom blended teas.
  • My top choices for tea suppliers. Even tea blenders have suppliers. You won't find this list anywhere online and I share years of digging to save you time and money sourcing the best products
  • Designing a tea shop: From finding a location to tips and design tricks to help maximize your retail traffic. This is probably the most expensive lesson that I've learned over the years, and tapping into my experience consulting other tea shop and cafe owners you too can find out how to save money and increase your tea ticket sales.
  • Accounting/CRM/Loyalty Systems: I'll dive into the various platforms and tools you can use to help track inventory, ship, and retain customers.
  • Packaging & Design: Don't have your brand figured out yet? You'll want to check out the valuable information I've curated and collected over the years that helped get my tea valuable retail space at some of the best stores in the city.
  • And many other topics!

Interested in learning more? Don't hesitate. Be the first to find out about this once in a lifetime course. I'll be launching it this year and you'll be among the very first to know about it. Get a jump on your competition and be light years ahead!

Simply sign up below and I'll put you on my list. You'll be notified when we're ready to go live with the course


Fact: The specialty tea industry is growing by leaps and bounds annually.





Now is a great way to incorporate a low cost and high margin product into your mix.


Why make the switch to Our Tea?

We are a wholesale tea supplier that blends our irresistible and unique teas and herbal infusions on site in our learning centre right here in Toronto. If you are looking for a tea wholesale distributor or tea supplier for your cafe, yoga studio or office then we invite you to see how we do it. Ask questions, learn, and get involved with us! The more you understand what goes into the tea, the better educated you can be for your customers and guests! Our tea is gluten-free, and dairy free and naturally flavoured.  We have been the preferred wholesale tea distributor for many retail shops for this very reason.

We carry an assortment of premium grade pyramid style tea bags as well. Quick service restaurants love the convenience of pyramid style tea bags, while never compromising on quality of the leaf. 


If you are interested in receiving tea samples and our wholesale price list please contact us and we’ll be in touch within 24 hrs

Tea for Cafe Owners

If you are in the planning stages of launching your cafe or looking to change wholesale tea suppliers we can help. Our experience in crafting creative tea menus that help to maximize profits has paid off for many of our clients. We can even custom blend your very own private label selection of loose leaf teas. 


Tea for Restaurant Managers/Owners

 Like wine, tea has many grades and nuances that pair well with foods – if you know what you are looking for. You’ve spent a lot of time and resources crafting your food menu, let us help pair our teas to your menu and your guests will leave with a satisfying experience. Our tea masters have spent hours teaching the finer points of taste development in the tea industry- let them educate your staff too!


Tea for Bars

 Yes, bar, lounge, and pub owners we are looking at you. Help to capitalize on the many health benefits of loose leaf tea- from antioxidant rich greens to energy boosting Yerba Mate – we can custom tailor a tea cocktail menu to help maximize your profits. Let us put our close relationship with award winning mixologists to work for you.


Tea for Retail

 Loose leaf tea yields high margins and takes up very little floor space. Whether you run an organic or health food retail store, a gift shop, nature store, or fashion shop we will fit right in. Help to capture impulse buying with our retail tea shots or other tea products.


Tea for Team Building Events

If your office is looking for a unique way to help build teamwork and increase employee morale then why not host a tea themed event? We can provide healthy and premium quality loose leaf teas for a custom tea station. 

A few of our services include:

  • Tea Blending Workshops: Learn to blend your own tea from our tea blending master. Each participant gets to learn the basics of tea blending and to take their own bag of fresh custom blended tea home.
  • Tea Tasting 101: Learn the differences between the various types of tea while sampling and steeping them. Our tea master will guide your group through the world of tea and its cultural significance and its impact on our health.
  • Tea Mixology: Tea and Alcohol. Our master tea blender and a mixologist will host a cocktail making session utilizing various types of tea. Depending on the package you choose it can be either a demonstration, or an interactive demonstration with full tea cocktails for the group.
  • Free delivery to Metropolitan Toronto. Order minimums exist. Contact us for more details on where we can deliver. Not from the GTA? No problem! We can ship your tea directly to your home or business. Ordering is simple and fast.


 Are you looking to carry premium loose leaf tea in your retail store, office, or at your next event? Our selection of high quality loose leaf teas blended in Metropolitan Toronto are competitively priced and many are hand blended right at our tea boutique. We supply wholesale loose leaf tea in Toronto to businesses, tea for Toronto corporate offices, and retail stores within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and throughout Canada. Our custom blended whole leaf tea is perfect for any food service looking for wholesale pricing on tea. We will personally consult with you to help craft your menu, assist with set up, and continuing staff training at no extra charge. The difference in what we do compared to other tea wholesalers is that we can offer a personalized touch to our service with cutting edge solutions when looking to differentiate your tea menu from the others.


We do private label & custom branded tea pouches!

Add Your business to the growing tea trend

  • eco-friendly biodegradable & resealable kraft tea pouches
  • add your logo, address, or custom artwork
  • easy way to up-sell customers when offering tea by the cup. They can take some home and promote your business to their friends every time they reach for a cup at home.


Contact us now to get a quote on any of our tea services