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Green & Oolong Tea

About Green Tea & Matcha Tea

Green tea is a grade of tea that usually consists of leaves of camelia sinensis that are below the buds and top two leaves. They are pleasant on the palate, slightly astringent, and packed with polyphenols. Because they are only slightly oxidized naturally green tea is usually light and crisp and served without milk. Whatever way you decide to steep your green tea they are an excellent natural way to help your skin and body stay young and hydrated.

About Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are a group that fall somewhere between green tea and black teas. The difference occurs because they have been oxidized- and the amount (%) of oxidation will determine how strong they are. The more oxidized, the higher the tannin count and the astringent (generally) these teas are. Most of the time Oolongs are steeped naked, or, without the addition of milk. But, like many other things in life it really comes down to personal preference and we say if you want to add some milk (cow, almond, coconut, etc) to your cuppa then go right ahead!